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Technical Library

Interframe have been manufacturing with these 60mm and 70mm profiles for many years and for a number of reasons. Primarily for its versatility and its similarity in looks to the original wooded frames and secondly offering enhanced security and energy savings. Thirdly Rehau are following a strong environmental policy which we at Interframe wish to embrace.


3D Fix Instructions
Stormguard AM3EX
Stormguard AM5EX
Stormguard AM5EX Subsill
Stormguard AM3EX Subsill
Stormguard Sash Adaptor AM3EX
Stormguard Sash Adaptor AM5EX
S706 System Description
Bi-Fold Fitting Instructions
Securistyle Restrictor Datasheet
Defender Egresss Hinge
Defender Lock Maintenance
Defender Espag
Defender Restricted Hinge
Defender Standard Hinge
Heritage System Description
Mach2 Brochure
Mila Security Panic Bar
Mila Surface Mount Panic Bar
New Build Window Datasheet
Winkhaus Restrictor
Paddock Catalouge
Lockmaster 2 Hook/2 Roller
Lockmaster 2 Hook/4 Roller
D/Door Slave Lock
D/Door Master Lock
Lockmaster 2 Roller/ 2 Mushroom
D/Door Finger Bolt
Lockmaster Mushroom Keep
Lockmaster Latchplate L/H
Lockmaster Latchplate R/H
D/Door Shootbolt Set
Part L Compliance Sheet
Greenwood Datasheet
Rehau 70mm Bi-fold Door Options
Securistyle Vector Excluder
Specifiers Guide Fully Reversable
Tritec System Decsription
Securistyle Virage Handles
L/Plate Datasheet




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